Rush Responses With CA SOS Expedited Filing

CA SOS Expedited Filing

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The CA SOS expedited filing service is there to help people who need a fast response to their company filings. The standard service takes 10 to 15 days on average to give a response and this is not always good enough for people. The expedited service gives a response within as little as four hours depending on the service that you choose.

To use the CA SOS expedited filing service, the documents must be submitted at the Sacramento secretary of state office. The other local offices such as the one in Los Angeles do not offer the expedited service, and nor do they do the preapproval checks.  The Sacramento office is open on weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM and accepts in-person submissions. If you have pre-approved documents you can pay for the Class A expedited filing service and get a response within four hours.


If you have not had your documents pre-approved and you still need a same-day response, then you must make sure that your documents are received for filing by 9.30 AM, for a response by 4PM. If you miss that cutoff, then the 24 hour service is an option. This service means that if you submit at 1 PM on a Thursday, you will get a response by 1 PM on Friday. The office is not open on weekends or during state holidays.

CA SOS Expedited Filing

You must include all of the required documents and payments for your application to get processed. Be aware that the fee will still be retained even if your application is declined, so it is vital that you get everything done correctly. It is worth paying for the pre-approval service if you have time for it to be processed, because it will help to avoid your application being turned down for easily avoidable reasons.