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Located in Sacramento.  We provide filing services to the California Secretary of State

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We will deliver your documents by hand to the correct location within the Secretary of State’s Office.

Some of the forms we deliver:

Articles of Incorporation, Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation, Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1), California limited partnership, California general partnership or a foreign entity.

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What are the 2019 California Secretary of State Filing Fees?

Filing for a new business can take 10 to 15 days in California, and there are occasions when you may not want to wait that long. The CA SOS expedited filing service exists to give people who need a faster response the opportunity to get that, for a fee.

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At the time of writing, the standard ‘slow’ service costs $70 to the Secretary of state. If you need a faster response then on top of that filing fee you can pay an additional expedite fee and go to the CA SOS expedited filing office to request that your application be processed within 4 to 24-hours.

CA SOS Expedited Filing

The four-hour filing service costs $500 & up as of 2018 and the office will consider documents that have passed the preclearance process. If you have not been through that process then you will not be able to use the four-hour process, however there is a same day filing service, which guarantees a response by 4 PM if documents are received by 9.30 AM.  

For those who miss the 9.30 AM deadline, there is a 24 hour service, which will offer a response to filings within 24 hours, or ‘next working day’. Documents submitted on a Monday at 3 PM will have a response available by 3 PM on Tuesday.

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The Secretary of State office in Sacramento is the only location that offers these expedited services. It is possible to use the standard filing service at other local branches, but if you wish to use the expedited service or the preclearance service then you must visit the Sacramento office. Before you make a special trip to the office, check the government website to make sure that the service is running at this time. There are some exceptional circumstances which may cause the office to temporarily suspend their offer of running pre-clearance services.

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