certificate of filing corporation california

How To Order Expedited Filing Services

CA SOS Expedited Filing 9912 Business Park Drive Suite 170 Sacramento, Ca 95827 (916) 238-6077

certificate of filing corporation california

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Email your prepared Articles of Organization and instructions to fastsosfiling@gmail.com  or fax to (916) 244-2636.  Instructions should include type of service: Routine Business Filing Services – $150 + State Fees, 24 hour Business Filing Services – $450 + State Fees, Same Day Business Filing Services – $800 + State Fees.
  2. I will email you an invoice for payment which will include the fees payable to the State of California Secretary of State which will include the filing fee and the expedited filing fee, and our fee for filing your documents.
  3. Pay the online invoice for filing your documents.
  4. We will write checks payable for the fees to the Secretary of State.
  5. We will submit your documents in person in Sacramento.
  6. We will pick up a certified copy of your filed documents after the Secretary of State finished processing it.  If the Secretary of State rejects your filing, our fee is not refundable.
  7. We will email you a copy of the filed document and mail your the original.

CA SOS Expedited Filing
9912 Business Park Drive Suite 170 Sacramento, Ca 95827
(916) 238-6077

Using a California Corporation Expedited Filing Service

If you wish to certificate of filing corporation california file corporation information quickly, it will benefit anyone to make use of the California Corporation Expedited Filing Service. This service allows companies to submit for filing and also have a response in just a shorter, guaranteed time period.

If you want to leverage the California Corporation Expedited Filing Service, then you will have to visit a business office that enables it. You are able to take documents to the Secretary of State’s Sacramento office, but the L . A . regional office will not provide you with the service. Be sure that you check out the correct location to avoid issues, specifically if you are after a four hour or same-day response, in order to avoid disappointment.


The 4-hour service guarantees that you receive a filing response within four hours, however, the document should be pre-cleared and approved for you to employ this. The identical-day service guarantees that in case the document is received before 9.30AM, you should have a response by 4 PM on a single day.

There may be another, certificate of filing corporation california 24-hour service, which guarantees that in case you submit the document in a given time with a working day, you will find a response by the same time the following working day. The standard business hours to the Sacramento office are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. The workplace is closed on state holidays.

Should you wish to leverage the four-hour service, then you ought to get the documents precleared and approved before attempting to submit them. If a document is rejected, then the response will include a description why your application had not been approved. In every case, the certificate of filing corporation california filing fee and expedite fee must be included. The expedite fee should be an independent check to the filing fee, and therefore fee will probably be retained whether or not the document is rejected.

Should You employ the California Corporation Expedited Filing Service?

Corporation filing can spend some time should you do it the standard way in the La office, however there is another choice. The certificate of filing corporation california exists to permit customers to file on a much tighter deadline.

In order to benefit from the California corporation expedited filing service then you have got to visit the Sacramento office, the main office for the Secretary of State. There are several options there for expedited filing. The most affordable ‘expedited’ offering is a 24hour/next working day service, where you could submit your documents during office hours, and also have a response back by the same time of day around the next working day.

There are other expensive expedited options. When you have had your application pre-checked and preapproved then you can certainly submit it where you can response back within four hours. So when you submit at noon the response will likely be offered by 4PM. Alternatively, when you haven’t had the opportunity to undergo the preapproval process you may submit before 9.30AM on Monday to Friday, and also have a response back by 4PM that day. The Sacramento office is closed at weekends and on state holidays.

The expedited filing services are expensive. At the time of writing the 24-hour service was $350, for instance, and you have to pay that fee even if it appears that the application is declined. The expedite fee must be submitted being a separate check towards the filing fee, and if you are doing the four-hour service the you will need to submit a copy of your preclearance approval too. Generally speaking, you might spend less and likely have got a less stressful experience if you prepared your documents earlier on and just submitted them throughout the normal, albeit slower, service.